Isabel Hermenegildo, M.D. (Portugal)

• Board certified first rank in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.
• President of Gyneco-Aesthetic committee of SPME (Sociedade Portuguesa Medicina Estética).
• Vice-President of SPGERF(Sociedade Portuguesa Ginecoestética Reconstrutiva e Funcional).
• Member of Sociedade Portuguesa Medicina Estética.
• Member of Sociedade Portuguesa Mesoterapia.
• Member of AAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.)
• Member of IAAGSW (International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing).
• Member of ISGAR ( International Society of Gynecology Aesthetic and Research)
• Member of Segerf (Sociedad Española Ginecoestetica Reconstrutiva y Funcional)
• Invited speaker in Juan Carlos University – Madrid – Gyneco- Aesthetic Master.
• Creator of T- Shots – Registered Procedures in Genitals- Carboxytherapy Trophic treatments
• Invited Lecturer in Creteil University – Paris – CUMEG.
• Invited Lecturer in Montpellier University -Nimes – DUMEG
• International Faculty Member of the American Aesthetic Association – Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology-Dubai.
• International lecturer.
• Practices Privately at Malo Clinic ,Director of Genital Unit.